Cynthia Matty-Huber Documents Rancher's in Montana

 - Dec 23, 2014
References: crmattyphotography & featureshoot
Photographer Cynthia Matty-Huber has always been fascinated by the demanding lifestyle of ranching, so it only made sense for her to dedicate her work to capturing ranchers in Montana. She became particularly interested in one rancher, John Hoiland, and has spent the past year focused on documenting his life.

After Hoiland's parents died, he took over their responsibilities on the farm. He now manages the 940 acres all on his own; a daunting task, to say the least. His home is gradually, quietly entering a state of decay, as the land is too much for Hoiland to maintain by himself, but he holds on fiercely.

Ultimately, Matty-Huber's series captures the strength, resilience and loyalty of one man to his home in an inspiring and intimate way.