Putty Boy Strut Features Mechanics Moving to Music

 - Sep 30, 2012
References: ufunk.net & ufunk.net
In a short film by Flying Lotus and directed by Cyriak, a British animator who specializes in strange surreal depictions has produced a robot-infested universe in Putty Boy Strut.

In the short film, Cryiak depicts a little hungry robot who begins to catch and consume his kind. This video is a play on the popular Japanese game, Katamari, where the more the robot eats, the larger he grows. The robotic digitized tune in the back only adds to the bizarreness of the machine devouring its own kind.

Unlike Katamari where the goal is to roll and collect as many items as you need to rebuild your lost world, the robot seems to consume endlessly until the very end. I do admit, however, that this is quite adorable, despite the semi-cannibalistic nature.