Saban Discusses Hilarious Public Pranks and Fighting Crime

 - Jul 16, 2013
Trend Hunter Misel Saban's latest obsessions are public pranks that take unwary bystanders and turns them into victims of some hilarious tricks. Her favorite is a bus stop Photoshop prank created by illustrator and photographer Erik Johanssen. Replacing the print ad in a bus stop with a live feed of his laptop screen, Johanssen hid in a van across the street. He would take pictures of people just casually waiting for a bus, and edit them into strange -- and often awkward -- positions right before their eyes.

Along with fun public pranks, Misel loves to create new, homemade beauty products, work on her cartoon impressions, and, of course, write up some crazy trends for the site.

1.What’s your favorite trend these days?

My favorite trend is called Bus Stop Photoshop Pranks. It takes place in Finland with the Photoshop illustrator Erik Johanssen. What he does is take a bus stop booth, and in the spot where the ads are usually placed, he’s replaced with a live screen of his laptop. He and a photographer hide in a van and take pictures of people waiting at the bus stop. They edit them on their computer, and what they’re editing shows up directly in the bus stop. There’s one shot where there’s a girl and a guy who don’t know each other, and he edits them to be kissing on top of a wedding cake. It’s just crazy to watch these people become so confused as to how someone has their picture show up in a bus stop.

2.What did you do before you came to Trend Hunter? What drew you to this internship?

Before Trend Hunter, I was in school – I’m still in school – at York University. I do English and Professional Writing. I’ve just always been really into writing and social media, journalism and magazines, so what drew me to Trend Hunter was the fact that they merge all of those things into one collective melting pot.

3.How do you feel about the open office environment at Trend Hunter?

I think it’s really cool that we get to sit right beside the editors. They’re right there with us, so we can easily talk to them and ask them questions. Everyone’s kind of on the same level; we’re all writing together and working together, and that’s really cool.

4.What makes you a great Trend Hunter?

One quality that makes me a good Trend Hunter, in my opinion, is I think I’m really quirky, I think I’m a little "cray cray." I’m just attracted to really interesting things and the more bizarre, the more interesting it is to me.

5.What’s been the most important thing you’ve learned so far at Trend Hunter?

I think the most important thing I’ve learned so far at Trend Hunter is not to over-think your writing. Just go with the ideas and words coming into your head, and type them out and go back and edit it after.

6.What did you want to do when you were younger?

When I was younger, I really wanted to be Sailor Moon. I had a Sailor Moon costume that I wore for a year straight. I really wanted to fight crime.

7.Any last thoughts on Trend Hunter?

Trend Hunter’s great! It’s a really great community, with great people, great editors, great support. There are a lot of different streams you can go into, like video editing or writing or social media. If you like writing, and you like trends, then you should come down to Trend Hunter.