The Work of Przemek Blejzyk is Mysteriously Psychedelic

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: pblejzyk.blogspot &
These tripped out illustrations from Przemek Blejzyk might make you feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole. The acrylic created paintings and illustrations also feature elements of the artist's graffiti and urban street style.

In his latest series, the Polish artist features surrealist scenes like the bored lady sitting in an armchair whilst a crow perches on her head, the young boy surrounded by toadstool mushrooms in "Poisonous" as a ghostly figure whispers to him and "Chase the Clouds Away" where a young lady is perched over and unknown abyss as a fish casually swims past.

These images are a intriguing fantasy laden look into psychedelic art from the young Polish artist. Przemek Blejzyk also focuses on painting, graffiti and character design. These paintings would look great hanging in a chic urban apartment.