Pregnant Man Baby Photos And Video Buzzing Like Mad!

 - Jul 26, 2008
References: trendhunter
These pregnant man baby photos are buzzing like mad and wreaking havoc on our server today.  If you've seen Trend Hunter offline, blame the pregnant man.

It's all getting a bit ridiculous.  As Bedlamite commented, the pregnant man is 'not a man, never has been a man, and a man did not have a baby...'

Despite this, searches for the 'pregnant man's baby photos' are on the top of the search list: AGAIN!  As a result, we've seen 50,000 viewers click into the article HERE in the last few hours alone (75,000 total).

The kicker is that our pregnant man article is actually a few days old.  Perhaps news of the baby photos was just mentioned on CNN or the weekend news: But I'm starting to agree with others about how crazy this whole thing has become: