Vlogger Jules Furness Discusses Post-Adoption Issues and Anxiety

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: youtube
In a video from last fall, British vlogger Jules Furness discusses sensitive post-adoption issues such as anxiety and bonding. The video is designed to act as a valuable resource for parents who are considering adoption or those who are currently struggling with the same issues.

In her video, Furness discusses post-adoption issues and how she has dealt with them. She specifically discusses issues of anxiety and bonding and how difficult these things can be for an adoptive parent. One of the points Furness touches on is that no one really prepared her for these problems, so she wants to make sure other parents have access to information about common post-adoption issues.

With a growing number of families turning to social media to connect with those facing similar challenges, Furness' honest discussion about being an adoptive parent is likely to be a valuable resource for many people.