The Vegetop Container by Sonoco is Fully Organic and Recyclable

 - Apr 6, 2016
References: sonocoeurope & packagingnews
While many wrapping products can be currently recycled, often times a certain percent of the plastic packaging can be fully extracted and reused leaving much of rest still unusable. Sonoco Consumer Products Europe has created a packaging solution that is 100% recyclable called the Vegetop that is made from compostable and organic plastic. This leads the entire container to be disposable in an environmentally friendly way.

The Vegetop is a shaker container that is made from a variety of paper and plastic materials that are fully recyclable. The top cover is made from biodegradable Vegeplast plastic with a moveable slot to dispense products such as spices or food. The container is made from recycled cardboard coated with a product-specific layer to keep the product inside from breaking down the paper too early.