The Piazza Italia These Are Our Models Campaign Uses Real People

 - May 29, 2012
References: & ibelieveinadv
At first the Piazza Italia These Are Our Models ad campaign seems to follow a similar direction set out by brands like Dove. It uses 'real people' as models, but instead of focusing on their 'real' beauty, this campaign hones in on their accomplishments. For instance, student and journalist Eloisa Morra fights gender discrimination on a national and international level while soccer player Fabio Piscane revealed his refusal of 50,000 euro to fix a game, which launched an investigation into soccer betting. Thus, the Piazza Italia These Are Our Models campaign focuses on role models, not real people or models.

The ad campaign was created by Diaframma, an ad agency based in Florence, Italy. It was art directed by Stefano Ginestroni with photography by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert.