Image Editing Gone Awry

If mass-media and mailings make you feel depressed about your figure, you’re far from alone…. But the bare truth is, well, Photoshop works magic, so chances are those perfect bodies you see everywhere are just visions of some talented artist’s imagination.

Photoshop can make miracles happen in both cinema film and still-footage, but as incredible as its magic can be, put its editing tools in the wrong hands, and …the results can be super scary as these photos prove. From stomachs so skinny they look like they’re about to snap to random "ghost" hands and legs that bend the wrong way, photoshop can deliver some freaky fashion ads.

Most of the time these ads go unnoticed and their mess-ups can be hard to spot, but other times the fix-ups can be so overly obvious they’re laughable. So the next time you feel bad looking at yourself in the mirror, snag a fast reality check with these very real reminders.