Forever Landfill in LA

 - Nov 25, 2007
References: heavytrash
Forever Landfill is a private disposal service for L.A. residents that gives each home a landfill plot for their personal trash. With the average American producing four pounds of trash a day, there's a dire need to get waste under control. Forever Landfill also knows that being totally eco-friendly and not producing any waste leaves little room for fun, and no room for luxury.

"While city officials are beginning to create a 'zero waste' economy in which all products are either biodegradable or 100% recyclable, Forever Landfill knows your discerning eye does not want to sacrifice quality to conform to environmental regulations," says.

"True to our American heritage, we Angelenos have the freedom to live large and as we please, yet the city soon won't be able to meet our current needs. With limited landfill space and lagging recycling plans, the city leaves you with no option but to take things into your own hands," HeavyTrash explained.

About a minute into the video, the hostess gives a quick description of how the service works.