People of the Twenty-First Century Examines Generational Trends

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: ca.phaidon & featureshoot
Netherlands-based photographer Hans Eijkelboom spent 20 years photographing unsuspecting civilians and their fashion choices for a surveillance-style project titled 'People of the Twenty-First Century.'

Far from being an exploration of what we wear, the project examines what it is that unites us. Fashion trends are more than just fashion trends; they are modes of self-expression that have grown to encompass the collective. And it is the collective that is important here. On their own, Eijkelboom's shots are unimpressive. However, when they are joined by 14 other images of the same thing, arranged in a grid, they suddenly become a powerful marker of a generation.

Ultimately, Eijkelboom's series explores our contradictory desires of wanting to be different and yet simultaneously fit into the crowd.