Paris Hilton's Teacup Pig Grab the Cover of Hello Magazine

 - Jan 4, 2010
References: hellomagazine & buzzfeed
Will Paris Hilton's teacup pig help spark a new pet craze? If the boom in popularity of little teacup chihuahas is any indication, she could help fuel yet another micro pet extravaganza.

"Doug and I will be lying in bed, watching DVDs, and she'll just lie there between us," Hilton told HELLO. "She's a little sweetheart and I love her."

She added, "I went online and found these tiny teacup pigs that stay under 12lb when they're fully grown. They're incredibly smart, lovable, really clean and litter trained."

She ends with, "I make sure I take very good care of them all - they're like my children."

Pictures of Paris Hilton and her little black and white striped piglet, Miss Piglette (what else?), made the cover of HELLO! magazine this week. While we've seen people adopt piglets before, and seen adorable pictures and videos of them online, Paris Hilton's teacup pig is the first celebrity-owned (and flaunted) one I think could have a major influence.

The gallery shows the first official picture of Paris Hilton's teacup pig as well as some other shots of the heirress with her many pets.