This 'Paris Dreaming' July 2011 Vogue China Spread is Mystical

Enchanting in its Secret Garden-style setting, the Paris Dreaming July 2011 Vogue China editorial is a magnificent practice in captivating fashion photography. Shot by Camilla Akrans -- who has adopted a knack for staging her photography in glorious gardens -- the shoot features the gorgeous French model Mymeline Valade. Moving through a wave of fantastical flowers, but still remaining the focal point of each photograph, she's quite captivating. With styling by Melanie Huynh, the editorial samples designs from high fashion design houses like Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and Chanel.

Both the title and the staging do the editorial justice as it is truly dreamlike. Paris on a midsummer day is every woman's dream -- toss in the styles of YSL and Chanel and it's every woman's fantasy.