"Fur is Green" Campaign

 - Nov 25, 2007
References: furcouncil
A Canadian fur company has hailed their fur products as ethical... "Protecting nature, while pampering yourself," is their tagline. WHAT? isn't that a major paradox?

In their marketing campaign, the Fur Council of Canada is calling fur an "Eco-Fabric" and is featuring banners across the site with model cloaked in a fur-trimmed hood with the slogan, "Fur is Green."

Their justification?
"Fur is fashion, warmth, comfort and beauty. For many, fur is the ultimate luxury. But using fur also helps to protect our natural environment while supporting people and cultures," the FCC site says.

"To be considered 'green' or 'environmentally-friendly', apparel and accessories should be made from natural materials that are: Renewable; Durable, long-lasting; Reusable, recyclable; Biodegradable; Non-polluting, non-toxic; Energy efficient in their production, use and disposal."

I wonder what PETA's celeb activists that would "rather go naked than wear fur," would say to this one?