The Paolo Morales 'Fantasies' Series is Dreamy and Nostalgic

 - Sep 3, 2011
References: paolomorales & culturehall
Intimate moments between lovers are imagined in the Paolo Morales 'Fantasies' series, which shows the photographer posing with four different women acting as their boyfriend. The photos explore the notion of "what could have been" in relationships, be it with a stranger you see on the street or the one that got away. The series is both sad and hopeful, creating a sense of nostalgia while also promising a future full of romantic possibilities.

Morales explains the project, saying, "The camera is a tool to construct relationships and the photographs are the evidence of those relationships. This work is motivated by the desire, absence of and search for a relationship." I adore the Paolo Morales 'Fantasies' photoset for how honest it is, revealing much about the subjects and the photographer himself as he invites the viewer into his brain and exposes his deepest desires.