Outside the Lines by Ramona Rosales Focuses on Feminine Clumsiness

 - Jul 11, 2014
References: ramonarosales & beautifuldecay
At first glance, people might not be aware that anything is amiss when it comes to the photo series titled Outside the Lines by Ramona Rosales, a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. The images are so playful and colorful, it is hard to concentrate on anything else but the vibrant stockings and equally kaleidoscopic backdrops. Yet each image involves a mishap of some sort.

Whether that is a dropped bag of oranges or a shattered piggy bank, Outside the Lines by Ramona Rosales appears to address female clumsiness. A visual treat, Beautiful Decay writes, "Some of the narratives are drawn from her own life experiences, remembered incidents from which she incorporates at least two colors." Everyone can relate to at least one of these fun scenarios, if not as colorfully.