The Ouija Board Hologram Clutch From United Couture is Out Of This World

The trippy Ouija Hologram Clutch from United Couture is not of this world. The rad florescent Ouija board-inspired clutch is meant to look like the spooky board game used to communicate with the dead and super-natural world. The clutch has an actual Ouija board printed on it. The Ouija board is traditionally used to ask questions and to communicate with the paranormal. The board serves as a vessel of communication between the dead and living, where spirits are expected to guide one's hands or game piece across the board answering asked questions.

United Couture is known for producing edgy, outspoken fashions similar to the likes of Nasty Gal. The Ouija Hologram Clutch is a new arrival for Spring 2014 and it's already a top seller.

The florescent shiny fabric adds a playful twist to the traditionally gloomy and creepy game. This statement piece will be the life of the party, bound to call upon some uninvited spooky guests.