Fodi is an Origami Stand That Folds Flat for Portability

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: kickstarter
FODI is a thin flat packed origami stand for electronic devices that holds up to 44 pounds.

This device serves as the perfect solution to bad posture when using electronics as it allows users to comfortably view the screen hands free. With a sturdy, multi-dimensional frame, FODI can hold tablets, phones and laptops. The true innovation of this product lies in what it can do when you're not using it -- FODI folds as flat as a sheet of paper, offering the user the portability and mobility to bring this device anywhere, using it at home, while you travel or at the office.

The posture-correcting origami stand is thin and easy to store, providing optimal user comfort, and preventing neck pain, or uncomfortable and awkward angles, enhancing the viewing experience, as well as the user's health.