Southbrook Vineyards Specializes in Biodynamic and Organic Wine

 - Oct 6, 2015
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In the heart of Ontario's wine country in Niagara sits Southbrook Vineyards, the first fine wine estate in all of Canada to have its winery and vineyard to produce certified biodynamic and organic wine. Beyond just bearing a label, the establishment puts a huge emphasis on sustainability, as proven by its LEED Gold status. This means that Southbrook is extremely mindful of every process that happens on the property, from water and energy consumption to avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetic modification.

Wine bottles from Southbrook show off a VQA logo, which indicates that all the grapes used come from Ontario. When these bottles are purchased, this adds $11.50 in value to the Ontario economy.

At Trend Hunter's Future Festival, we proudly poured the 'Connect' organic wine, showcasing a leader in Canada's wine industry.