'One Laptop Per Child' Updates: Kids Caught Surfing Porn + Laptops To Sell For Profit In The West

 - Jul 24, 2007
References: reuters & reuters
Since 2005, Trend Hunters have been loving the $100 Laptop from the One Laptop Per Child group. The charity provides kids around the world with access to solar powered / hand cranked laptops.

Now it's time for two updates:

1) The XO laptop sales in west are to begin in the 2007 holiday season, at $350 (twice the production cost), will subsidize the manufacturing of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation's (OLPC) laptops so that they can get them into the hands of third world children.

2) Nigerian school children who have received the laptops in a pilot program were caught surfing porn sites. Isn't it heartwarming to see that some things we can be shared by all cultures?