Lexi Boling Poses for the Numero China Issue

Fans of mermaids and mystical creatures should check out the latest issue of Numero China July 2014 that stars porcelain beauty Lexi Boling dressed up as a majestic mermaid princess.

In the Numero China summer shoot, cleverly titled ‘Sirene,’ Boling is expertly made up into a real-life mermaid. Boling spends most of the shoot floating in a clear, turquoise body of water with her rosy gradient locks and serene face effortlessly highlighted by the talents of photographer Laurie Bartley. Boling is decked out in several blue-hued silk gowns and skirts that are super lengthy and flowing to mimic a mermaid’s long tail. With her arms out to her side and her eyes often closed, Boling looks as if she was just washed up on a beach waiting for her prince to save her.