Virginia Tech and the Growth of iMedia

 - Apr 20, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: toptechnews
The tragedy at Virginia Tech and the speed in which gripping imagery and first-hand video hit the airwaves is an example of how the wireless generation is giving traditional news media a run for their money. Use of cell phone cameras is increasing by leaps and bounds allowing citizens to capture live action crime and tragedy in the making.

"As the shootings at Virginia Tech were occurring on Monday morning, Virginia Tech graduate student Jamal Albarghouti pulled out his cell phone and used it to capture video of police officers running toward Norris Hall. The footage Albarghouti captured is being called another indication that new technology has fundamentally altered news-gathering. Traditional media outlets still have enormous resources, of course, and a valuable role to play in providing in-depth analysis of the shootings. But print newspapers and even broadcast news outlets found themselves scrambling to keep pace with the flood of gripping images and reports released online by members of the wireless generation."

Implications - Though tragedy is as prevalent today as it was before, social media allows for news so spread quickly and thus, problems to be solved much faster.