One of a Kind 'New Point Knife' Prevents Unnecessary Injury

 - Jun 16, 2009
References: newpointknives & gizmodo
The kitchen is now a safer place. You might have to worry about hot water, burning elements or short circuited toasters, but never again will you worry about accidentally stabbing someone with that beast of a kitchen knife. New Point Knives are built with two things in mind, do the job and don’t hurt anybody. Usually with a knife, "doing the job" is the most important part, however, the New Point Knives are designed for maximum safety.

John Cornock created the knives after hearing an alarming statistic about wounds caused by kitchen knives (intentionally or unintentionally). The New Point Knives feature a round end that sticks out slightly ahead of the sharp point.

Now if only there was a way to prevent losing fingers from vegetable cutting.