New Image Search = Less Duplicates + More Related Trends!

 - Apr 17, 2008
References: trendhunter
Hey Trend Hunters! In response to suggestions by Alex Covert, I've added a new site search to the SUBMIT page that will make your lives a little easier! In short, it will reduce the number of duplicate trends AND let you easily append related trends to your posts.

Here's an overview:

LESS DUPLICATES - The new search engine has ALL trends indexed, including unpublished posts. So if you are publishing a given product, you can easily find duplicate posts. The only kicker is that the search engine doesn't have as much logic as Google, so it won't find related posts if your spelling is different or the title is ambiguous.

APPEND RELATED TRENDS - The search engine also includes embed code. So if you want to add related trends to your post, you can easily find the code.

Let me know your feedback.