- Feb 27, 2008
References: yankodesign
I'm sure that if you're a musician carrying around stacks of sheet music, it defiantly doesn't help with getting the ladies. Well fret no more because EMS (E-paper Music Score) has just given you that little oomph of technological goodness to score it big with the ladies.

EMS is a device that eliminates your stacks of sheet music by using E-paper Technology. Simply unroll the device like a scroll across your music stand and the flexible screen will display your sheet music, which, via Bluetooth can be uploaded from a computer. Another awesome feature is you no longer have to take your hand off your instrument to flip the page, just step on the EMS foot peddle and it will flip the page for you, so you can keep those hands busy getting the long hard work out their going to need after the performance to endure all the phone number you'll be writing down.