Shelby Walsh Discusses Cross-Pollination and Diversity

 - Jan 11, 2019
References: movethedial
When Trend Hunter’s President, Shelby Walsh first started at the company, there were only three employees. Now, the Trend Hunter team sits at over 50 employees and fuels brands like adidas and NASA. Evolving and adapting to the changing landscape of the business world is no easy task, and in an interview on Move the Dial, Shelby sits down with Amber Mac to discuss how Trend Hunter managed to successfully grow its business from an online magazine to the largest trend hunting platform in the world.

A different set of leadership skills is required to manage such a rapidly growing team, that’s largely made up of young professionals. According to Shelby, it's important to invest "in talent that’s new, as opposed to hiring someone that’s specialized in a field." Shelby expands on this by explaining "I believe there’s merit in growing someone from the beginning." Adding to this statement, Shelby speaks to the power of cross-pollination in the workplace and the importance of building a diverse team, as different perspectives lead to limitless sources of inspiration and ideas.

You can watch the full interview on Move the Dial here.