Mourriture for Fricote Mag by Alexandra Bruel is Quirky and Contemporary

 - Sep 4, 2012
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The Mourriture for Fricote Mag series is as quirky as it is creative. Made up of five sculptures, it revolves around easily identifiable objects such as a can of Stella Artois beer, Snickers bar and birthday cake. Yet each of these everyday items have been tweaked in a unique way. For instance, the beer can and chocolate bar are portrayed as melting while the cake is being impossibly decorated straight from the pan.

Created by Alexandra Bruel, an artist based in Paris, France, the Mourriture for Fricote Mag series is fun and contemporary, Captured against pale pastel backgrounds, the images are clean and simple. Each image involves a piece of kitchenware from a frying pan to a soup ladel. The images were shot by William Roden.