Virtual Sex Based on Real Movement

 - May 9, 2008
References: wired
There is nothing more sensual than the movements of hot and bothered bodies when having sex. Kevin Alderman, creator of the sex animations for Second Life, is developing a wireless, consumer-level motion-capture suit that will allow people to contribute sex animations to any virtual world of their choice.

"We are soliciting (Second Life) residents to tell us what they want to see in adult motion capture," Alderman says. "More realistic caresses? More erotic dances? More action?"

Traditionally, access to home motion-capture animation has been limited by its high cost of studio setup. Now Rick Hall, production director at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, sees "A trend to move away from big external optical systems" like the mocap (motion capture) setups used for movies and game development. Hall thinks that MMORGs will most likely provide the first venues for real-time mocap.

"It's the bridge between today's expensive studio mocap and the real-time avatar control of tomorrow."

The suits are expected to hit shelves in 2009.