Montreal Gazette Jeremy Gutsche

 - Feb 3, 2012
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In today's culture, not everything is as simple as it seems, as is the case with the growing pattern of bright, vibrant colors in fashion. Though the world of high fashion is no stranger to bright hues, traditional haute etiquette dictates that shocking shades should be kept under wraps until the weather warms up; lately, however, bold colors are being used as a way to battle blistery weather blues.

This fashion phenomenon is explored by Eva Friede, Style Editor of the Montreal Gazette, alongside our Chief Trend Hunter and strategy keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche. According to Gutsche, this bold pattern is a result of economic uncertainty, stating that "[the credit crunch] leads people to jump at things a little more happy or positive," identifying bright clothing as a way to indulge in a fictional, superhero-like form of reality. Gutsche also ties this boom of bright shades to an increasingly intimate relationship between virtual reality and retail, and the rise of the retro Mad Men era.

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Colour therapy is your spring fashion Rx

"Jeremy Gutsche of Trend Hunter, an online compilation of hundreds of thousands of micro trends, said this period of economic uncertainty is having an effect on fashion. "This leads people to jump at things a little more happy or positive,’’ said Gutsche, based in Toronto."
"Whatever becomes popular becomes mainstream. Because cool is not what’s popular," Gutsche said. "It’s that next big thing."