This Money Prank Tricks a Couple into Thinking They Won Big

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: confused & prexamples
If you're going to play a money prank on someone, it better be something like this one from price comparison site

The prank involved telling Steve and Julie that they'd won £10,000. The couple got to look and touch the money, which was presented to them in a suitcase. However, when it got down to it, there seemed to be something wrong with the deal. Moments later, the money was taken away and the representatives that were ready to hand over the money were suddenly not so sure anymore. After seeing Steve and Julie's faces fall after being told they wouldn't leave with £10,000, this turned out to be a rather uplifting prank that left them the winners of the £Million Mega Draw, which meant that they really did win £1 million.