Mojo iCuisine Reinvents the Dining Experience With High Technology

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: geek & ubergizmo
Mojo iCuisine has eliminated the potential problem of subpar restaurant service altogether by going high tech.

The Mojo iCuisine is actually a restaurant that's opened in Taipei, Taiwan. The entire concept is based on interactive menus that let you do the ordering yourself. There are sensors built inside that let you swipe, pick and choose, and pay. There's a ton of fun features such as games, and you can even choose the tabletop you want to really set the mood for your date. For those interested in the food, it's been described as a "mix of Western food, fusion and molecular gastronomy," according to the restaurant.

The concept of the Mojo iCuisine may revolutionize the dining experience for the future. The only downside is eating alone; at that point, the server might be your only friend for the evening.