Make 25 New Friends

 - Dec 30, 2006
References: freeandeasy
The idea of mob traveling is to break away from the traditional tour and instead create a culture for the group; ideally, lifelong bonds.

Canadian company Free & Easy (curtis smith president) proposes 40 day getaway packages to Thailand that includes 20-25 people join you from your local Canadian city and other cities in Canada. Great for a wanna-be traveller who either has no friends... or just wants the comforts of travelling in a Canadian mob.

As you peruse the website, you can see that a lot of effort was done to structure the group in a way that would create a unique culture. For example, the group has reunion parties! It's also interesting that the 40 day trip is set up so that it can be extended by a year! If, on the trip, the travellers decide to extend by a year, the company takes care of the flight changes, etc.

Some companies, like Contiki, already offer reasonably social group tours, but there may be a new trend to push the community feeling to a higher level, which I am calling 'mob traveling'.