Is This All Part of a PR Career Launch?

 - Jul 28, 2008
References: celebslam.celebuzz
The Miley Cyrus saga continues with the new leak of pictures of the teenage Disney star fully making out with a boy. I know that girls just wanna have fun, but at 15?

It seems that there have been a lot of Miley scandals all in the last few weeks. It seems very calculated. Just as she is 'graduating' out of her Hannah Montana character, we are seeing dozens of alleged scandals about her acting more like a grown 'woman'.

This comes merely two weeks after the leak of controversial images that showed underage Miley taking a shower in a white t-shirt, ala Girls Gone Wild. With teenage pregnancies becoming glamorous nowadays, we might just have another 'Jaime-Lynn Spears'-ish pregnancy soon.

The leaked images show Miley Cyrus making out with ex-boyfriend Thomas Sturges. And it ain't a bashful sweet kiss, it looks like a heavy session, with hands roaming all over. Now, could someone please explain why she's allowing somebody to take photos of her doing that? We all know by now that once the pictures are taken, they magically turn up on the Internet, sooner than later.

My guess is that this is all part of Miss Cyrus' calculated evolution as a pop icon. She wants to shed her teen-image and let people know that she's 'not that innocent'. This is all fine, but you can't blame Vanity Fair photographers for taking photos that are much less controversial than your own. You can't appeal to both kids and adults. The act is getting lame very fast.