The New Miley Cyrus Haircut is Drastic and Short

The new Miley Cyrus haircut definitely makes a big statement. Miley is known for her signature hairstyles, but this one has fans bewildered over her new short hairdo.

Over the past few weeks Miley has been subtly tweeting and hinting at a big change in her life, but no one expected a hair measure such as this. Right before the haircut, Miley's hairstylist Chris McMillan uploaded a photo to twitter with a pair of scissors next to her bun. This sent twitter fans into a frenzy, and Miley received a mixture of positive and negative feedback.

Miley states that she has, "Never felt more me in my whole life." Miley is known for her unique style, and this new look is sure to spark a wave of young girls chopping off their long locks.