Sprint Firsts in Merging Technology and Fashion

 - Sep 29, 2010
References: trendhunter
Secret agent shirts, texting underpants and earring hearing aids. Today we hunt: STYLISH TECH - Sprint firsts in merging technology and fashion.

Making their way into the hearts of the fashionable and geeky alike are stylish, hi-tech accessories that can do everything from monitor your blood pressure to control your iPod. With a rising preference for portability and easy-to-use technology, it’s no surprise that many designers are trying to merge fashion and function.

And now, the Sprint Top 10.

10. These are not your average hipster glasses, they are actually a visual hearing aid. The device contains two microphones and it has the ability to record speech and translate it into text projected onto its lenses. This device is a surefire way to make your grandpa the coolest kid on the block.

9. This ‘Marcus’ ring monitors the effect of sun on your skin and lets you know when to stay in the shade so that you don’t end up looking like a lobster.

8. Nuvo’s ‘Ritmo’ device will have your baby used to blasting Beethoven even before they’re born. Finally, a kickass in utero sound system!

7. Texting underpants?! The SIMsystem provides a great way to aid caregivers by allowing them to easily detect those patients who need a change of underoos.

6. Humberto Jimenez’s ‘H/M Watch’ takes two to operate. With one fashionable bracelet telling the hour and the other keeping track of the minutes, this invention is perfect for inseparable couples.

5. The Thanko Button Spy Camera will turn you into an instant James Bond. With this device and the help of a button up shirt, you can get to the bottom of who stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

4. The Nokia Icon is the perfect accessory for those who just have to be connected at all times. If someone is calling, the wristband will flash. If someone is texting, the thumb band will do the same.

3. Nobody wants to get carpel tunnel from clicking away at their computers, so the Airmouse is a welcome alternative to traditional mice. Attaching to your hand, the device allows you to effortlessly click and browse till you’re ready to pack it in.

2. Next time you see someone with stretched lobes, take a second look before judging. These earrings are actually functional hearing aids that cater to those with alternative style.

1. The Volution Bluetooth headset is a Bluetooth gadget that helps ladies get their conversation on while staying chic. Disguised as 80s-inspired jewelry, the Volution lets you pump out all of the Corey Hart you want without anyone knowing.

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