Armida Ascano Discusses Masculine Gifts for Men Who Like to be Pampered

 - Apr 22, 2013
There's been a long-standing misconception that men are only interested in rough and tumble sports and physical activities, but this list of masculine gifts demonstrate how women's products are being modified for male usage.

For quite some time, certain items like candles have been modified and specially marketed to target women. However, these masculine gifts like the pizza and gun powder-scented candles, or beer commercials like Molson's manly "Guyet" campaign are showing an increase in de-feminized and male-oriented consumerism.

Editor Armida Ascano lists off some of these great products that exemplify the newfangled popularity of masculine gifts. These days, a product like diet beer isn't just for women, but for the manly male who is comfortable with his sexuality.