Sinning Never Looked so Good, Thanks to These Marta Dahlig Creations

 - Mar 30, 2011
References: blackeri.deviantart & mediadump
You don't have to be religious or an art connoisseur to appreciate these beautifully rendered graphics and the evocative, artistic way in which they bring an age-old concept to life.

Featuring beautiful women clad in colors and imagery meant to represent each deadly sin, these Marta Dahlig pictures take an otherwise grim type of subject matter and turn it into something impressive. Each makes use of a basic concept but layers upon it with rich colors, textures and symbolism, so that even without their corresponding labels you would be able to tell which image represented which vice.

From gluttony to sloth, and from avarice to wrath, the eerily effective subjects in this collection are not to be missed.