The Idea of Marsha Golemac Photography Boasts Surrealism Characteristics

 - Mar 14, 2015
References: marshagolemac & trendland
When it comes to color-contrasting fashion photography, Marsha Golemac knows the right amount of contrast. Her photography features a range of blue and pink background photographs with shoes, handbags and accessories juxtaposed throughout. Marsha Golemac adds a hint of surrealism to her work, which makes her photography and styling stand out amongst the rest.

Prop styling is a fine art, one that can speak wonders to the lens. "We wanted to pay tribute to this by introducing modest yet significant touches that complemented the motivation behind the range without taking away from the product itself," says Golemac. With her ability to create high contrast, visually compelling stories out of perfect minimalism, Marsha Golemac is breaking ground on traditional construction.