This Hybrid Ad is Beneficial to Companies and Viewers

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: adweek
Marketing collaborations are proving to be a hit for the company being promoted and the one making a cameo.

Geico and M&Ms are delighting everyone with their hybrid commercial in which Ms. Brown is looking for insurance, but unfortunately Geico's gecko has to tell Ms.Brown that it only insures humans, and not chocolate. M&Ms' agency BBDO New York was responsible for the creative element to this commercial, and Geico is under The Martin Agency; both companies are promoting themselves and their ability to collaborate with each other in an approach that is both productive and rewarding.

This type of advertising gives publicity to two companies while providing viewers a sense of familiarity. This has often been done in the past with other recognizable companies and features other mascots as the subject of the original commercial; viewers enjoy these commercials for the surprise factor and anticipate more commercials of this nature.