The Marie-Sophie Beinke Graduate Collection Boasts Expressive Prints

The Marie-Sophie Beinke graduate collection consists of expressive wardrobe staples that are inspired by psychedelic art. Titled 'Der Klub der wilden Maler,' this menswear range references the works of iconic painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner among other names.

Experimenting with vibrant colors, abstract shapes and texture studies, Marie-Sophie Beinke creates a whimsical graduate collection. Its clothing is both expressive and wearable, blending imagination with sleek tailoring. Though not ideal for everyday wear, this collection embodies an exuberant air and consists of attention-grabbing separates that can be worn as a set or individually.

The collection's most notable pieces include a technicolored sequin blazer and an oversized cape that is accented with free-painted graphics.