Marco Morosini, Designer For Ferrari And Italian Fashion (INTERVIEW)

 - Jan 13, 2007
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In the world of design, it's difficult to imagine a more impressive client than Ferrari. But for Marco Morosini, designing for Ferrari isn't enough. Marco designs Ferrari and Maserati's launch campaigns, has published his photography, lectures at the University of Urbino, designs for dozens of Italian fashion lines and launched two of his own design labels. His personal labels are Dog is a God and Brandina.

During the North American International Auto Show, I had a chance to interview Marco. A key insight was that Marco beleives that to become a leading designer, you need to cross over into multiple categories of design, like autos, fashion and art.

7 Questions with Marco Morosini

1. How did you get involved with design for Ferrari?

Maserati and Ferrari! I started a few years ago more or less. The heads of Ferrari saw my exhibition and wanted me to get involved. I started designing publications for Ferrari and then started to design the launch campaigns for the 612 Scaglietti, F430 and F430 Spider cars. I also designed the exhibit stands for Paris, Detroit, Geneva, Shanghai and Tokyo motor shows.

2. What have been your most important changes to the Ferrari launch campaigns?

Before, the Ferraris would be set-up on a stand, like an art exhibit. But when you're going to drive to Ferrari, you are in a home; a Ferrari club. So instead of presenting our cars on a stand, we try to present our cars inside a room; an experience. That way the Ferrari owners can see more what it is like to be a part of the Ferrari lifestyle.

3. And how important is trend spotting for you in design?

Trend spotting is really important and that's why I'm not just designing for cars. I'm working in fashion, art and design. I'm Italian, my studio is in Italy. If you go to my web site you will find Brandina and Dog is a God. I work in very different sections. When you are involved in worldwide design you need to be more open. You need to be sensible to the news and to what's going on in fashion and contemporary art.

4. How do you define a trend?

It's all about possibilities and what's going on in the world. You need to be open to the complete possibility of what could be. You need sensibility. I think there is no school that will tell you what a trend is. It's better to be open and sensible. You don't learn this. Of course you have to walk around, you have to go to art exhibitions, and you have to be in the right place.

5. And how do you define cool?

Cool is something I like. Taste is really personal. To find something cool actually is actually quite difficult. Cool is something new that makes an impression; something that is ironic or not standard; something that lets you see the reality from another side that normally we are not used to seeing.

6. Do you have any rituals or processes that you do to try and make yourself more creative?

Actually I am more creative when I'm not working directly on a project. At that moment I'll have the best ideas. When you are doing something else: you are in the bathroom or you are cooking something. That is really, for me, the best moment for creation.

7. And where do you see yourself in ten years?

Maybe I'll have a farm and still be involved with design..

Thank you Marco!