Never Forget to Celebrate Romantic Occasions With the MANsaver App

 - Mar 27, 2011
References: mansaver & coolmaterial
Guys, if you don’t want your face punched in because you forgot an anniversary with the missus -- again -- it’s time to get the MANsaver app.

The MANsaver app is a gem for the guys who tend to remember man dates and forget the dates that matter to their significant others. This will alert you of important romantic occasions so that you never have that "I forgot, I'm going to get killed" look when you realize that you didn't a gift to celebrate the anniversary of your first date. The app helps remind you of noted important dates five days ahead, and can even hook you up with sentimental text message drafts, creative date scenarios and sweet gift ideas.

Get the MANsaver app now and save yourself the embarrassment of crying like a little girl and begging for forgiveness. If you have this app and still forget, you probably deserved that kick in the butt.