MakeLab Studio Lasers Selfies onto Macarons for Guests to Eat and Share

 - Sep 5, 2017
References: instagram & makelab
MakeLab studio is an event service based in Toronto that's made up of a team of creatives that specialize in various fields of expertise, including technology, design, and theater production. Together, its team offers unique pop-up experiences for its clients that explore the relationship between technology and play.

A few of these accessible experiences make use of laser cutters, 3D printers, and other creative tools, such as its specially designed Analog Instagram Light Table, or its Laser Dessert Design Bar, which allow MakeLab’s clients to explore new avenues of interaction and gain hands-on experience with emerging technology. One of its most engaging experiences is an Edible Selfie Booth, which combines the use of a studio-class laser cutter, a brandable photo backdrop, and a selfie camera. To get their selfie printed onto a macaron, guests simply grab the camera, snap a shot they llke, and then watch as their image in laser-caramelized onto the colorful treats.

As MakeLab has created many of these tools itself, or adapted those that are already available, the experiences that it offers are truly one-of-a-kind, and guaranteed to inspire all those who take part in them. During MakeLab's Future Festival safari, attendees will have the chance to try out some of these innovative tools, while learning more about how it's evolving the event service industry.

In the past, MakeLab created a Mesopotamian city-building 3D printing experience for the Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday night Live series, and designed a 10-foot wide digital coloring book wall that was featured at Canada’s annual CSE Live! conference, giving attendees the chance to create their own murals using electronic spray paint cans.

Currently, MakeLab is working on a series of in-store experiences that will allow consumers to customize the products they purchase on-site, so that they can engrave bottles and packages with a name or a dedication. In addition, it’s also expanding its laser food and catering interactives by testing out different types of food that can be etched with detailed images.

As MakeLab has demonstrated, its versatile team is able to cater to virtually any client’s needs, making for events that are highly personalized and memorable.