Light up Your Wardrobe With Lytec

 - Jan 20, 2006
References: elamusainc
LyTecTM is the original EL Wire ,commonly known as Electroluminescent Wire or EL Wire. It starts with a core of coated phosphorescent material, flexible copper wire. Two hair-thin wires are then wrapped around the core. A waterproof sheath is applied before the colored translucent plastic layer encapsulates it all. When a high frequency electrical voltage is applied, it glows like neon.

The wire is flexible and emits light along its entire length as well as its circumference. It is available in a wide range of colors and several diameters. Cool to the touch, it can be cut to any length, from centimeters to thousands of meters. LyTecTM (EL Wire, Electroluminescent Wire ) can be powered by either battery-operated drivers (DC) or by household current