This Lui October 2014 Editorial is Seductively Coy

Fall means back to school for students, and this Lui October 2014 photo shoot takes the meaning of scholarly studies down a much more seductive path.

Featuring model Malgosia Bela, the editorial was shot by photographer Katja Rahlwes for the October issue of the French magazine. Rahlwes sports pig tails and a fresh face - apart from the bright red lips - that give her a very youthful carefree look. Styled by Elgar Johnson, she wears oversized shirts and very short skirts which further play into the carefree yet rebellious look of a teenager. The juxtaposition of the innocence of Rahlwes' appearance with her risqué outfit choices make this series a stunning look into the complications and often confusing stages of growing up.

Check out the Lui October 2014 editorial above.