Lucas Eikemans's Art Features Adult Themes & Freaky Fantasies

 - Sep 3, 2011
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Belgium-based photographer Lucas Eikemans has a twisted, creative mind, which he puts to work when creating these captivating captures. Through combining dark digital photography and his immense talent for photo manipulation, Lucas Eikemans is able to venture into an underground world that is both eye-catching and sinister.

Lucas Eikemans features his art on the popular design website 'Behance Network,' where he finds an adult audience who appreciates his twisted photography -- featuring males injecting themselves, restrained females and bloody corpses. The observer approach that each of these captures seem to behold gives viewers the opportunity to escape into Lucas Eikemans' fantasy photography.

Implications - There is a beloved consumer obsession with guts and gore, as many people cannot help but desire to get in touch with their darker sides. With such, companies and artists alike shouldn't fear away from touching upon adult themes, so long as they are tasteful and applicable their target audience.