The Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine Takes Couples on an Aquatic Excursion

Why go to the Mile High Club when you can go on a romantic getaway to the Mile Low Club with the Lovers Deep luxury submarine? UK-based Travel Company Oliver's Travels offers couples the chance to escape deep into the Caribbean coast. The trip has launched just in time for Valentine's Day, offering adventurous couples the chance to literally escape their world and enjoy secluded isolation. The trip takes you through a marine wonderland. The hotel suites are completely immersed in stunning aquatic views while ocean creatures circle the room.

The luxurious trip includes a delectable menu of oyster dishes, caviar fusions and chocolate fondant desserts sprinkled with pomegranates. The luxury stay includes a personal butler, VIP Concierge service, free champagne upon arrival, a rose petal scattered suite, and of course a personal chef/cook is included. The vessel takes you on an a breathtaking aquatic excursion. However, the Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine trip comes with a luxurious price of $284, 000. The lavish trip would surely be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience worth the high-end price.