Loft by Quirky Declutters the Kitchen Cupboard and Eases Your Dish Cleaning

 - Dec 14, 2012
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Something like this set called Loft by Quirky would be perfect for anyone living in a tiny apartment with limited countertop space and storage. It displaces dishes from crowded cabinets and doubles up as a drying rack.

The tiny wall-mounted contraption incorporates a tray with drinking glass tracks and a cutlery caddy on top. The lower portion of the compact culinary shelving unit has a bent metal bar that's intended for the suspension of assorted crockery.

Loft by Quirky comprises a collection of utensils, cups, bowls and plates in addition to the dextrous frame. The eight ceramic pieces take lovely rounded diamond shapes and each integrates a tab with a hole in one corner. This feature allows the dishes to be dangled and eliminates any need to towel dry them off.