This Video Shows a Compassionate Toddler Questioning Eating Habits

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: huffingtonpost & youtube
Even though Luis Antonio is only a toddler, this little vegetarian proves if we all saw the world the way young children do, the world would be a better place.

When Luis' mother asks him to eat his octopus gnocchi, he asks if it's real. He doesn't understand where it came from or why we have to kill animals to eat them. He explains "I don't like that they die...I like that they stay standing up. These gotta take care of them...and not eat them!"

Luis' compassionate plea to not eat meat resonates not only with his mother (who is moved to tears) but with fellow animal lovers and vegetarians. At only three years old, Luis is able to summarize the moral argument against eating all meat (fish are animals). This little vegetarian and animal activist understands what many adults do not: where our food comes from and the price we're paying for it.