Saké Created Paiche Leather from Natural Fish Skin

 - Jun 22, 2016
References: facebook & sak-e
Exploring the new dimensions of eco fashion, the cultural brand Saké created a new process for creating eco textile materials in the industry.

Paiche leather is developed from fish skin with indigenous communities in the Amazon, following fishing regulations for protect the species, chrome-free leather and natural dyes. The paiche is used for its meat, so Saké uses the remaining skin to tan and naturally dye the leather. The result is a unique and beautiful‪ material that it used to create eco luxury bags.

This project from Saké teach artisans how to develop sustainable products and combine textiles with an eco-leather that is tanned without chrome and dyed naturally. This is how we can create new versions of artisan products, which are unique handmade. Saké also has a collection that consists of unique pieces made with antique textiles and fabrics from all around the world.